Halloween Beard Oil - Limited Edition

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The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing colors, and axe murderers are roaming the streets. This year we have concocted 5 brand new scents to embody all that is Halloween! Take a look at our scents below, one is sure to jump out at you!


All Hallows Eve: Grab a blanket and have a seat next to the campfire with this blend of autumn harvest and a smokey campfire. Don't fret, the campfire isn't too strong.

Trick or Treat: We definitely chose treat! A sweet blend of jelly beans, candy corn, vanilla, and orange. 

Jack O Lantern: Not your girlfriends pumpkin spice. Instead we mutilated it and created a wonderful potion that will transport you right into a pumpkin patch with just the right amount of spice.

Haunted Trail: Let's take a stroll and hope we survive! Mountain leaves, Warm rustic woods, Rain, and a secret ingredient makes this a fresh and earthy fall scent.

Candy Apple Cider: Don't drink this one our you may end up 6 feet under. Vibrant and fresh apples will burst out of the bottle followed by a sweet and smooth candy cider to finish off this delicious aroma.



Apricot Oil
Vitamin E oil
Sweet Almond oil
Jojoba oil
Aloe Vera oil