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Beard Box Subscription - Tier 1 - October: Hocus Pocus

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Blueberry Frost: Fresh Blueberries, autumn air, burning leaves, and morning frost.


Tier 1 Contents:

Beard Oil 1 oz.

Canvas Bag (Good towards reward program)

Recurring Payments:

You will be charged right away and we will send you that month's scent.

Then each subsequent month you will be charged on the same day, then we will send your order out.


Items are shipped the 1st of the month, for FREE.

What is it?

When you sign up for ANY of our Beard Box Tiers you are getting a new EXCLUSIVE scent each month which is only available through this service.

Will these scents be available later?

The short answer, no.

The long answer, yes. If you are a CURRENT sub and would like a previous scent again you can email us to see if it is available.

What if I do not like the scent I get?

We will be eternally saddened but we do not offer refund or exchanges for this product.

Trade it or gift it to a buddy.

Remember, beard products are a luxury, not a necessity, despite what you may think. Some bearded brothers may not be able to afford to buy beard products so a beard oil gift may just make their day.


October 2020:

Hocus Pocus - Sweet and Tart Candy Concoction.

September 2020:

Hidden Orchard - Blend of woods, sensual musk, crisp apple, and oak.

August 2020:

Sylvan Bluff - Woodsy Cologne Type Scent that marks the transition from summer to fall.

July 2020:

Sunken Reef - Airy cologne type scent of beachwood with oceanic top notes.


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